I'm a backend developer based in Lisbon. I code mostly in Ruby and Kotlin, with keen interest on Machine Learning.

I graduated in Biomedical engineering where I focused mostly on machine learning and digital signal processing.
My thesis consisted in developing a sleep position classifier using a smartwatch, you can check it out here.

I joined Hole19 in 2015 where I learned how to develop for Android using Kotlin and libraries like RxJava and Dagger 2. Later on I also worked on backend applications written in Ruby and NodeJS.

Hole19 mobile application

In my spare time I helped develop the Android app for Pony Bikes

In September 2018 I joined Drover where I am currently working as a backend developer and still developing in Ruby.

As for my hobbies I play classical guitar, check out my youtube channel here.

I also like to play basketball every now and then.